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K&I Global Capital. Incorporated in 2015, is a licensed Trading Right Member of the Lahore Stock Exchange Ltd and a well-being firm where you can invest your money safely.

K&I Trade has made stock trading simpler, faster.

We are committed to providing you with the best in what trading has to offer, so that you can have an exceptional trading experience


Online Confirmation

K&I Clients receive online confirmation via e-mail and SMS as soon as a trade is executed. Our research team prepares reports on different listed companies based on analyses of their technical & fundamental data.

Trading Terminal (FOR WEB)

From here you can download your you desktop or mobile trading app and you can also download the java to run desktop version trading terminal

Technical & Graphical analysis

They use state-of-the-art charting software for technical & graphical analysis along with supporting data in online trades. The report also includes a fundamental analysis of the company being studied, based on its background & past performance.

Client Statements

It includes analysis of financial statements & calculation of profitability and other financial ratios.

24/7 Support

Will have to provide you online service 24/7 you can check you statement anytime anywhere when you want.

Open Online Account

Now local Pakistanis can open online account in pakistan stock exchange for trading.

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