Online Confirmation

K&I Clients receive online confirmation via e-mail and SMS as soon as a trade is executed. Our research team prepares reports on different listed companies based on analyses of their technical & fundamental data.

Trading Terminal

From here you can download your you desktop or mobile trading app and you can also download the java to run desktop version trading terminal

Technical & Graphical analysis

They use state-of-the-art charting software for technical & graphical analysis along with supporting data in online trades. The report also includes a fundamental analysis of the company being studied, based on its background & past performance.

Client Statements

It includes analysis of financial statements & calculation of profitability and other financial ratios.

24/7 Support

Will have to provide you online service 24/7 you can check you statement anytime anywhere when you want.

Open Online Account

Now local Pakistanis can open online account in pakistan stock exchange for trading.